A 346-Pound Chiefs’ Defensive Tackle Gave Us A Christmas Miracle By Throwing A Jump Pass Touchdown

There are Fat Guy Touchdowns, and then there’s this.

The Broncos and Chiefs met in an AFC West battle that was all Chiefs all game. Just in case eliminating Denver from the postseason wasn’t enough, Kansas City rubbed it in with a late score to make the game 33-13. It was a jump pass for a touchdown that was thrown by none other than 346-pound defensive lineman Dontari Poe.

It was a fitting end and maybe a good salute to any loyal Chiefs fans who braved some insane rain and wind on Christmas night to watch their team stay alive for an AFC West division title and eliminate their rival Broncos. Tight end Travis Kelce went off on the much-heralded Denver defense (yes, the same defense that was complaining last week about their offense not scoring points) for 160 yards and a touchdown. The entire Chiefs team had 484 yards of offense, proving Denver is not the Super Bowl caliber team they were last year.

Enjoy the win, Chiefs fans. We’re betting that ten years from now, a lot of people are going to swear they were not only at the Christmas Night Hurricane Game but also stuck around to see the jump pass of all jump passes to rub it in, but that’s OK. What would any future Christmas be without a good story to tell?

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