Kansas City Chiefs Season Preview: Will A Wide Receiver Catch A Touchdown This Time?

09.13.15 4 years ago
alex smith

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Last Year: 9-7, second in the AFC West

Key Acquisitions: WR Jeremy Maclin, G Ben Grubbs

Key Losses: WR Dwayne Bowe, TE Anthony Fasano

Two years ago, the Chiefs reached the playoffs and then had the world’s biggest choke job against the Colts in the Wild Card round. Last year, the Chiefs barely missed the playoffs after having a historic season. That history, of course, was that they played 16 games and not once did a wide receiver catch a touchdown pass. At one point Dwayne Bowe almost had one, then fumbled it at the one-yard line and Kelce got the TD. The Chiefs, everyone.

People have finally started to realize Dwayne Bowe isn’t good anymore, and the Chiefs let him walk. They replaced him with Jeremy Maclin, a solid producer who was excellent after the catch in Chip Kelly’s system and already knows Andy Reid’s system. Since Alex Smith can’t throw a pass beyond 7 yards, having a YAC guy like Maclin might finally lead the Chiefs to a WR TD. They still have Jamaal Charles and Travis Kelce, so the offense will be fine. Alex Smith scares no defense but he’s led them to the playoffs once, maybe he can do it again.

However if anything makes it easier for Tiny Hands to be successful it’ll be the KC defense, still anchored by pass rush monster Justin Houston. Eric Berry beat cancer and is coming back to the field to play safety again (give this man a tip of the hat). The Chiefs are a solid team and a contender for the playoffs. They’ll probably be competing with the Chargers, who are about the same level, for one of the wildcard slots. Maybe we’ll get extremely lucky and the Chiefs will face the Bengals in the first round, then someone has to win.

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