Did Kansas State’s Band Form A Giant Penis In The Middle Of The Field At Halftime? [UPDATE]

Saturday’s opening week matchup between Kansas State and South Dakota featured a very questionable moment during halftime, when Kansas State’s band may have gotten X-rated with their marching routine in the middle of the field.

The K-State band took the form of what was called “the Starship Enterprise” – a shape that looked suspiciously similar to a weird penis – before entering through the beak and mouth of the band-created Kansas Jayhawk mascot. It left plenty of fans confused, wondering if they had actually seen what it looked like they just saw.

Kansas and Kansas State may be rivals, but it’d take a very ballsy bandleader to orchestrate an oral sex routine on the field during the first game of the season. Shortly after the game, Kansas State released an apology for the display.

So, was it actually a penis? K-State didn’t exactly confirm or deny that important information, so we still don’t know. What we do know, however, is that “The Starship Enterprise” is a pretty awesome name for your wiener.


UPDATE: The Kansas State Band released the following statement and diagram on Facebook to clarify what the actual formation was meant to be:

(Via Deadspin)