These Kansas State Freshmen Got Hazed With Some Pretty Terrible Haircuts

08.08.14 4 years ago 3 Comments
Kansas State haircut

Twitter/Delvin Warmack

Welcome to the 2014 version of hazing. It’s safer, it doesn’t involve alcohol or drugs, it doesn’t feature sodomy, and well, it’s just as embarrassing. Kansas State freshmen were given these haircuts by teammates. WARNING: MY EYES!

Kansas State haircut 1

Twitter/C.J. Reese

Kansas State haircut 2

Twitter/Mary Jo

Kansas State haircut 3

Twitter/C.J. Reese

Kansas State haircut 5

Twitter/Elijah Lee

I was going to do a ranking of these but that’s not necessary. They’re all equally terrible. That first one looks like Minnie Mouse after a rough night of hair-pulling sex with Mickey. Wait, I just cartwheeled over the line, didn’t I? Disregard that whole Disney character having sex line everybody. Carry on with your day.

[Kansas City Star]

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