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Chicago had its first-ever half marathon, and American Kara Goucher, who nearly won the women’s half of the Boston Marathon in April, won the event, finishing at 1:08:05. No, she won the whole event, beating the fastest male there by 20 seconds.

“I felt I could run in the 67-68 minute range,” said Goucher, who remains undefeated over the half marathon distance. “The race was great, better than my preparations for Boston. It was awesome to be the first finisher and I wanted to enjoy the crowd. I really liked how the course changed up, there was never a stretch where it was dull, and you are going through the city, going over bridges and along the water. I really liked the course.” via, via.

STEROIDS! STEROIDS! I mean, look at her; she’s ripped! No, seriously, this will be the beginning of the end of man’s domination of the sports world. It’s bad enough that we can’t bear children or mouth off in public without getting punched in the face. Now we’ll have to settle for being second-tier athletes. This must be how Reggie Miller feels every day…imgs.

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