Kareem Hunt Hurdled A Defender On A Ridiculous 4th Down Touchdown Catch

10.28.18 7 months ago

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Kareem Hunt and the Kansas City Chiefs are on some kind of run right now in the AFC West. Short of a shootout loss to the Patriots on Sunday Night football, Andy Reid’s team has been pretty much perfect this season.

A lot of that has to do with second-year quarterback Pat Mahomes, who looks extremely talented and wise beyond his years. But there are offensive talents all over the field for Kansas City, including running back Kareem Hunt. He led the NFL in rushing last season and has had himself a strong season thus far, but on Sunday against the Denver Broncos it was Hunt’s work in open space that made Mahomes’ touchdown pass even more impressive.

Facing a 4th & 1 in Denver territory, Kansas City elected to keep the offense on the field up 23-14, and it immediately paid off. Mahomes took a snap into an option run, then pitched the ball to Hunt (technically a forward pass), who made a defender miss and picked up the first down with ease. He then did what he does in open space: make people miss.

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