Real Madrid Star Karim Benzema Splurged On A $250,000 Diamond-Encrusted Soccer Ball

Perhaps Karim Benzema loves diamonds a little too much. The Real Madrid star recently paid $250,000 for a 1,250 carat soccer ball encrusted with 72,000 diamonds, purchased from aptly-named celebrity jeweler Dave Bling.

Apparently, Benzema wanted to have a nice piece in his home to show off for company, and — as we all know — nothing starts a conversation quite like a diamond-encrusted soccer ball.

Karim might be feeling a little more freedom to splurge lately, because the Daily Star is reporting that Real Madrid is in the process of accepting a bid from Arsenal in the neighborhood of $48 million for the French striker.

And according to former Manchester City forward Rodney Marsh, the north Londoners have snapped up the former Lyon star.

Marsh told talkSPORT: “I had a phone call from a mate of mine, and he’s been right on many things, and he said that he believes Real Madrid have accepted a bid somewhere in the region of £48million for Benzema from Arsenal.

In the past this guy has always been right, he’s never been wrong yet, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

Benzema and and his very expensive soccer ball could be making a hop, skip and a jump to the English Premiere League.

(via Dave Bling; TMZ Sports; Daily Star)