Was This Female Soccer Reporter Almost Fired For Being Too Attractive?

Katarina Sreckovic claims her stunning beauty almost cost her a job. The 25-year-old was hired by a Serbian television station to cover the Red Star team but things went south when players got “distracted” during interviews:

“I admit it was a problem at the start, but I think they’ve got used to me now. It was tough, though, because for a while it seemed as if they might not be able to work with me at all,” she said.

“I was also asked to go away a couple of times because I was a distraction on the pitch and players complained that they couldn’t concentrate.”

These players are adults, right? They aren’t horny teenagers ogling cheerleaders on the sidelines while concealing a boner … right? Are we really asking too much of the guys to just answer the woman’s questions?

That being said, something’s wrong with this story. There are NO local reports about her. This story went from the Daily Mail to the Independent before making its way overseas to the NY Daily News. After the whole Alex From Target thing, I’m skeptical about these viral sensations that come out of nowhere.

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