Kate Upton Already Had Her Super Bowl Party. For FASHION.

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Kate Upton Superbowl Party

Actual conversation held in the Vogue offices —

Editor: “Quick, name two random things that’ll get us huge traffic this week and we’ll put ’em together.”
Exec 2: “Justin Bieber getting arrested MACKLEMORE BEING WORSE THAN KENDRICK LAMAR”
Editor: “Ooh, sorry, Jeff got his in first.”

So here we are. KATE UPTON SUPER BOWL PARTY, y’all.

We invite you to go behind the scenes with Kate Upton (and Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan, Michael Strahan and more!) for a high energy, behind the scenes look at what went into Mario Testino’s photo shoot in celebration of New York hosting the upcoming Super Bowl game. Content produced by Condé Nast Entertainment and Vogue.

Vogue put together a four-part series about Kate prepping for The Big Game™ by having her makeup done, standing near crazy people at a hot dog stand and being molested in a sports bar by a bunch of guys including Pief*cker Jason Biggs. He was great in Loser.

In the next installment, Kate and Michael Strahan pose with the Vince Lomardi Trophy and Strahan gives her his Super Bowl ring, because if you have one of those and Kate Upton’s beside you, it’s a good move.

Here we see New York Jets center Nick Mangold teaching Kate how to “take a snap like a real NFL quarterback,” which is hilarious because

1. He just gently passes it to her, and
2. The Jets don’t have an NFL quarterback.

… which, now that I think about it, could explain why he gently passed it to her. You’d think they’d give her better shoes for a video like this, but whateveer.

Finally, Tracy Morgan teaches Kate how to do a touchdown dance, which sadly does not result in any Cat Daddy action. Or The Dougie. Since when does Kate Upton need dancing advice?

Because this is superfluous and unnecessary already, here are the visual highlights.

Kate Upton Michael Strahan Super Bowl

Kate Upton Michael Strahan Super Bowl

Kate Upton Nick Marigold

Kate Upton takes a snap

Kate Upton Tracy Morgan

Kate Upton touchdown dance

Kate Upton Jason Biggs

Stop chewing the scenery, Pief*cker.

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