Kate Upton & Katherine Webb Did Letterman's Top Ten List To Promote Semi-Nudeness

What is this, Family Feud?

Remember last year, when Kate Upton was revealed as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model, went on ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ to promote it, made jokes in the nightly Top Ten list and wore a Marilyn Monroe dress without a bra that made us lose a week of our lives to hotness-induced amnesia? Actually, you probably don’t remember that.

Anyway, Kate went on Dave to promote THIS year’s swimsuit cover — you’ve probably already seen it thanks to Sports Illustrated leaking it early TMZ spoiling it months ago Chinese hackers — and while her outfit doesn’t come close to matching last year’s, it’s still an enjoyable moment of quality time.

Video of the appearance is below. Warning: It contains Katherine Webb making Brent Musburger jokes and doing pageant twirls, because those are now her two jobs.