Kate Upton Beach Bunny Bronze Photo Shoot Reminds Us Why She Got That SI Cover

04.04.12 6 years ago 15 Comments

Back in February, Kate Upton was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue. Because of this, she was given a sudden sort of mainstream fame, and our natural predilection toward posting pictures of nearly everything she does went into overdrive and we got close to making everyone sick of looking at her. I can’t imagine a greater crime than that. I’d rather stab someone than make them tired of looking at Kate Upton.
Well, a couple of months have passed and the fame has died down to a Miss America-level murmur, and Kate is back to doing bikini shoots and showing up in summer movies as the trophy girlfriend or the unexpectedly hot nun or whatever. Hopefully that also means you’d like to look at her again, because this Beach Bunny Bronze photoshoot is incredible and the closest she’s ever come to not looking like Whitebread American Equestrian Enthusiast Kate Upton.
You’re probably already flipping through the pics, so I’ll wrap it up. Here are a bunch of pictures from Kate’s Beach Bunny Bronze photoshoot and one really fantastic video. Thanks to Weed over at Sportress and Upstate Underdog for the hat tips, and to Kate’s parents for making the greatest thing ever.

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