Quick, Guess Which Part Of This Kate Upton German Vogue Video The Internet Likes Most

If you guessed “the part where she wears a peacoat and walks through a garden with a cane,” what’re you, new?

In today’s best possible video, German Vogue presents “It Had To Be You,” a short film about the things we’d do on our perfect, fantasy day with Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Kate Upton — looking at her, awkwardly trying to take pictures of her, falling over like an idiot while she rides horses, and horsin’ around with our bros while she floats around and has fun by herself on the other side of a pool. It’s like they went into my brain and stole my best case scenario! Get out of my head, Kate Upton German Vogue video!

Special note: This is totally sports-related, as it features horseback riding, swimming, and … uh, hay-lying? It also features her topless and getting sprayed in mouth with water, so shut up and let us write about it.

Not-at-all sexual-as-f**k-on-purpose imagery is below, in handy Vimeo and YouTube versions.

“It Had To Be You” feat. Kate Upton by German Vogue from Bruce Weber on Vimeo.

And for you completionists out there:

I guess they’ve got to keep porno-topping the popsicle.