Kate Upton Will Grace The Cover Of The ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue For The Third Time

If you missed it on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kate Upton has been revealed to be the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model. This will be Upton’s third time gracing the cover and puts her on track to possibly catch Elle Macpherson’s record five covers. Instead of revealing the cover via a special like last year, Kimmel was given the honor. The host had a little fun with the reveal, offering up a few joke covers before showing off the real things.

Upton will be featured on a trio of covers and won’t be wearing much on any of them. Kimmel makes fun of this a bit, pointing out that Upton looks like she is wearing a wrecked hammock as opposed to a true swimsuit. Upton also says that hand placement was very important throughout the shoot.

The swimsuit issue has always been popular, even if it’s a little questionable to keep putting it out every year. It has its audience, sure, but it also has to compete with the internet and the vocal groups out there who think this type of showcase is degrading. If anything, it’s definitely a confusing tradition in the digital age.

If anything, Upton seems very happy with her third go at the cover and is excited when returning backstage in this video. I don’t think they sent her up into space to swim around this time, but I’m sure something odd will show up in the magazine.