Oh Hey, Kate Upton. What’s Up?

Originally, I was going to write a few hundred words about how Kobe Bryant and Smush Parker are trading insults right now about their time as teammates 5 or 6 years ago. Bryant referred to Parker as the NBA’s equivalent of a walk-on and blames him and Kwame Brown for the Lakers being so terrible whenever they all played together (seriously, I don’t even feel like looking it up). So Parker, whose name I hadn’t even heard in at least 3 years, told one of his Walmart customers that Bryant was a terrible teammate (shocking) and that’s why he stopped passing to him.

And people are talking about this like crazy today, as if it’s some sort of revelation that Bryant is a selfish jerk, so I wanted to actually come to Bryant’s defense and tell Parker to stick to packing his tighty-whities for his trip back to China, where he’s paid to be awful at basketball. But then someone emailed me a link to photographer Terry Richardson’s website (NSFW*) and I was like, “Kobe who?”

Richardson, who is beloved by celebrities for being an artistic perv, decided to clear out the ol’ memory card on his camera and posted some new outtake photos from his last shoot with With Leather’s 2011 Celebrity Sports Fan of the Year and model Kate Upton. While I feel like I’ve already seen these photos, I don’t really care. It’s Friday. You’re welcome.

*There are also two new wet t-shirt photos of Upton that I unfortunately cannot post here.