Kate Upton Topless In Esquire, Named The Lady Jon Hamm

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02.13.12 18 Comments

Kate Upton in March Esquire topless Jon Hamm

… of course, I don’t see Don Draper with his pants down seductively cupping one of his balls, but what’re you gonna do?

Esquire’s website loves its unseemly SEO headlines, especially for a “a Woman We Love” (although this year’s “Kate Upton Naked Photos – Sexy Kate Upton Pics And Video” is at least a step up from last year’s “Kate Upton Pics – Kate Upton Boobs Interview”), but I can only fault them so much when their pictorial features Kate recreating Ween’s Chocolate And Cheese album cover. Also at one point she’s in the tub but there isn’t any water, confirming my speculation that Kate only bathes when she’s in tropical waters and just naturally cleans herself when she sweats.

Anyway, I don’t know how much of this you’re even going to read, but Kate is a woman Esquire loves (again), will probably be revealed as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model at some point today (unless they’re stupid) and is the female equivalent of Jon Hamm, either in unrealistic human beauty or in the fact that she should only exist in the 60s.

Please to enjoy.

[Cover scan via Fashion Scans Remastered, interior photos and video courtesy of Esquire]

(in case you were wondering how much they photoshop her, it’s basically just a color filter. She actually looks like this.)

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