Kate Upton Vs. Victoria’s Secret. Who Ya Got?

If you said anything other than “Kate Upton,” get the hell away from our website immediately.

Last year, right before Kate hit her first Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover and began an unstoppable media blitz involving ambassadorial trips to Mexico, denied sports romances and Bill O’Reilly outrage, Victoria’s Secret runway magnate Sophia Neophitou spoke out about how Kate was actually Kate Upton Plain And Tall, and not fit for the VS brand.

“We would never use Kate … She’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.”

The good news for fans of wonderfully-displayed underpants is that Victoria’s Secret does not necessarily the opinions expressed by Ms. Neophitou, and once again included Kate on the back cover of their catalog. The only problems are (1) the photo they used is super old, (2) they didn’t bring Kate back in to shoot any new stuff, and (3) they never told her they were going to use it.

The VS photos of Upton in a black bra surfaced yesterday, and buzz spread that the blond babe could be the next Angel, joining Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio.

But, “The pictures are from 2011,” sniffed a source. “Kate’s not currently contracted to work with Victoria’s Secret, and they didn’t contact her before they used these images.” (via Page Six)

So now we’re faced with a dilemma … do we enjoy the fact that Victoria’s Secret is using our (and America’s) favorite model despite the biased opinion of a person who works exclusively with waifish runway models, or do we get indignant because they infringed on Kate’s rights as a performer? While you mull that over, here are a few instances of Kate’s other appearances in the catalog. You know. To give you context.

(Yeah, I think she’ll be fine.)