Kate Upton’s First Bikini Shoot Of 2012 Is Worth Updating About On Saturday

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.23.12 14 Comments

Normally With Leather takes the weekends off, adopting a borderline-religious “the Internet can go f**k itself” stance about updating on Saturdays. Normally.

Enter: a preview of Kate Upton’s first swimsuit shoot (swimshoot?) of 2012 for Beach Bunny. If you need a deeper explanation, at one point she’s wearing a tiny bikini with thigh-high tube socks. I don’t know from what wonderful part of my brain these pictures sprung, but I didn’t want to wait until Monday morning to show them to you. Also, I’m pretty sure it was near the bottom.

Larger versions of some of the photos are available by clicking (or doing that “view image” thing when they break our columns), and obviously the second the full shoot goes online I will send them along. If you want them to be really great, don’t click through and just think about what they’ll look like until Monday morning. On second thought don’t do that. I think that’s how David Carradine died.

Anyway, happy weekend, everybody.

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