Katherine Webb Doesn't Want To Be Famous Anymore, So Here Comes Donald Trump

It has been three days since the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide laid a hurtin’ on the No. 1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the BCS National Championship Game, and I already had to look up when the game was played just so I could write how many days it has been. Thanks to Notre Dame’s failure to show up – as well as the Internet generation’s lack of attention span – most of us can’t even remember the score of that forgettable game, because this week has been all about Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb.

Webb, of course, is easy to remember, because she’s the attractive brunette who was sitting with Alabama QB AJ McCarron’s mom during the game, which caused Brent Musberger to say what half of America was thinking. (The other half, of course, ran to the Gawker comments section to call Webb ugly.) For her few moments of TV time, Webb gained more than 100,000 Twitter followers over night, to which Darren Rovell replied, “Hubba hubba.”

Naturally, TV networks and media outlets have been fawning over this relatively unknown beauty queen, because she’s the boo of the national champion QB – ol’ whatshisname, as I’m sure The View has called him – so she’s already made a few TV appearances to talk about this whirlwind week. Unfortunately, that’s all coming to an end, because Webb has canceled her remaining TV appearances and changed her phone number. I blame Darnell Dockett for that second part.

Thankfully, TMZ knows what’s really going on.

Katherine says she decided to pull out because she feared her relationship with A.J. will be viewed as a “celebrity status” thing … instead of a real, legitimate connection … and worries that the misconception could spell doom for the couple.

“I want it to be about me and him,” Webb says … adding, “He’s a guy I can see myself having a real future with.”

Well of course there’s a future. You get a guy with a chest tat like this and you LOCK. HIM. DOWN. It also helps that he’ll eventually make millions as a backup QB in the NFL. Maybe even a starting QB if the Jaguars can draft him in time.

But why, if Webb wants to remain semi-private, did she even agree to appear on The Today Show in the first place? Hahahahahaha, that is such an incredibly stupid question. It’s because of this glorious lunatic:

Sources connected to the situation tell TMZ … Donald Trump — who owns the Miss USA competition — got word of Webb’s self-imposed media blackout … and decided to get involved.

We’re told Trump talked her into appearing on the “Today” show — but she won’t budge when it comes to doing any other PR.

Good luck with that, Katherine. I’ve got $5 that says Webb wins Miss USA this year, while we all think, “What a coinkydink.” If Trump were a farmer, he’d have hands made of steel, because that old dude can milk anything for every drop of its worth.