Katie Ledecky Crushes Her Previous World Record To Bring Home A Gold Medal At The Rio Olympics

For Team USA’s Katie Ledecky, the only real competition that she had at the 2016 Rio Olympics was her own world record in the 400-meter freestyle competition. Previously, the world record was held by Ledecky at an impressive 3:58.37, but tonight at the Olympics she pushed forward and was able to not only take home the gold medal for Team USA, but also able to defeat her previous world record with a new world record at 3:56.46.

So while the world is gushing about Michael Phelps taking home yet another gold medal at the Olympics, Katie Ledecky can be proud of herself for not only taking home a gold medal of her own, but also what is her 12th world record. That’s right, Katie Ledecky is only 19 and this is the 12th world record that she has set, the third that she currently holds.

The photos can’t even do it justice, you’ll just have to check out the official replay of it to see just how far ahead she was of everyone else. She was able to stop, turn around, check her time and celebrate before another swimmer finishes the race. That’s not just impressive, that’s incredible and something to be proud about.

(Via New York Times)