Katie Nolan Invents ‘Game Of Moans,’ And Things Quickly Go Off The Rails

If you’ve ever watched a pro tennis match, you’ve likely thought to yourself man, sure does sound like they’re making sex sounds. That’s definitely not a wrong take, and Katie Nolan’s Garbage Time is here to prove it with “Game of Moans.”

Nolan and Saturday Night Live Weekend Update writer Katie Rich went head-to-head in the game, which challenges contestants with a sound clip of an isolated moan and asks them to determine whether it comes from a French Open tennis match or a movie sex scene. It quickly becomes apparent that there’s not a whole lot of separation between sounds tennis pros and sex-havers make.

Regardless of the source of the grunt, Nolan and Rich seemed to be more amused (and slightly horrified) with each passing round. By far the best and most outrageous sound clip comes courtesy of Serena Williams, whose tennis grunt is apparently shockingly similar to a dolphin in high distress.

So word to the wise, if someone ever eavesdrops on you having sex through a door or a wall and you’re embarrassed, just tell them you were watching a fantastic tennis match and they’ll pretty much have to believe you. And if you’re not embarrassed, well, congrats on the loud sex.