ESPN Has Hired Katie Nolan After Fox Sports Finally Released Her From Contract Purgatory

It looks like Katie Nolan will finally be allowed to work again.

ESPN announced on Wednesday that it hired Nolan, which means the former Garbage Time host is no longer with Fox Sports and will likely appear on your television very soon.

Last week it was reported that her contract with Fox Sports would be terminated early, and a move to ESPN seemed the next logical step. The Four Letter had shown plenty of interest in hiring Nolan, and speculation grew when Garbage Time ended its latest season and Nolan didn’t appear on the network for months. Nolan will start with ESPN on October 16.

Her frustration with the limbo was evident as well. In May, Nolan even tweeted that she missed working.

Wednesday’s press release from ESPN said Nolan would appear on air as well as have a “digital presence” in some capacity as well.

ESPN announced today that it has hired Emmy-winning sports personality Katie Nolan. Nolan joins ESPN on October 16 and will appear across multiple platforms in a variety of projects. She will have a prominent digital presence while also making appearances across ESPN studio programming. Announcements regarding her specific assignments are forthcoming.

“Katie is smart, dynamic and brings to ESPN a fresh perspective and a great sense of humor. She is a rare talent and will represent our brand incredibly well as we continue to expand across the digital space,” said Connor Schell, executive vice president, content, ESPN.

Nolan also gave a hilarious quote in the release about, well, more releases forthcoming.

“I could not be more excited to have a prominent digital presence while also making appearances across ESPN studio programming,” she said “When I was a little girl, I always dreamed that one day announcements regarding my specific assignments would be forthcoming.”

It’s good to see ESPN embracing what made her so popular with the Internet in the first place. Hopefully it continues when she finally gets back on air.

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