Katie Nolan Sat Down With Plaxico Burress To Discuss His NSFW Twitter Rant

On Saturday, Michigan State lost in devastating fashion to Nebraska after arguably one of the worst calls of the season. As one astute observer noted (me), it was as if Brandon Reilly ran out of bounds, frolicked in the meadow like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, sang the goddamn “hills are alive,” then came back inbound to catch the game-winning TD.

It was bad, very bad. In a season of atrocious calls, it was up there. Perhaps not as bad as the multiple missed ones in the Miami-Duke game, but certainly in the conversation.

Moving on…

As many of you know, former NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress used to play wide receiver at Michigan State. He is an avid follower of the program. He is beloved by fans. Following the game, Burress unleashed holy hell on the refs and the NCAA in a somewhat nonsensical Twitter rant. It was highly amusing (and extremely NSFW).

For reference:

On Wednesday night, Garbage Time host Katie Nolan caught up with Plax to discuss some of these tweets. This is good TV.

Nolan: “You sound like you took this very personally?”
Plax: “Those cheating zebras took away our chance at a National Championship, which we have yearned for in Spartan Nation. Those zebras need to be eaten.”