Keanu Reeves Starring As A ‘Self-Centered’ NASCAR Driver Is An Actual Film That’s Happening

02.09.17 1 year ago 5 Comments

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John Wick: Chapter 2 will be released in full on Friday, but star Keanu Reeves is already wheeling and dealing for his next starring role.

Lionsgate, which is the distribution company behind the John Wick franchise as well, has picked up Reeves’ auto-racing film “Rally Car,” according to Variety. Reeves will star in and produce the film, and it will be directed by Olivier Megaton, who’s action movie director credits include Taken 2, Taken 3 and Transporter 3.

The brief description of the movie’s plot from Variety sounds absolutely incredible.

A self-centered American NASCAR driver who revitalizes his career by entering an international Rally Car race across the face of China, and learns to win as part of a team when he joins forces with a young Chinese woman who yearns to become a driver herself.

Sign me up. Reeves’ career revitalization as a legitimately great action star in the John Wick films has been fantastic to watch and I’m very much here for Reeves getting behind the wheel again, this time in a race car and not a bus.

After the John Wick franchise, I’ll go see any action movie starring Reeves with no details needed, but Reeves as a NASCAR driver makes me even more excited for this. Part of me hopes he attempts a Southern accent for the role, but either way I’m here for it.

Lionsgate was represented by Sheri Jeffery and Kevin Garland of Hogans Lovell LLC in the acquisition of Reeves’ “Rally Car.”

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