How Keegan-Michael Key Tried To Trick Penn State Players Into Thinking He Was James Franklin

Keegan-Michael Key is many things: Andre 3000, Barack Obama’s anger translator, friggin’ Gandhi. But some people may not realize two other things Key is: a Penn State alum, and a dead ringer for Penn State head coach James Franklin.

Key put those two attributes to good use during homecoming week for the Nittany Lions (whose homecoming game is against Indiana on Saturday), during which he’s scheduled to be the grand marshal for the parade. First, he surprised the football players by doing perhaps the least difficult impression of his career, to the delight of all the kids in the room. Is there anything better than watching young people so excited, they don’t know what to do with their bodies? I submit that there is not.

Key, of course, did his homework, consulting with Franklin on a couple of the coach’s common moves to imitate that would entertain the players. The firm handshake is good, the catchphrases are better. Key debriefed after his stunt with the camera, and it was clear how geeked up he was from blowing the Nittany Lions’ minds. Seeing how much a live crowd affects him is almost as cool as seeing that crowd go bananas itself.