Keith Olberman Watched Mark Cuban Close The Rajon Rondo Trade In ‘The Colbert Report’ Green Room

The series finale of The Colbert Report just came to a pitch-perfect end and one of the most notable sights was Keith Olberman and a magenta jacket that managed to naturally draw the eye away from Big Bird, who you may recall, is an 8-foot tall yellow bird made out of felt and feathers.

Olberman did more than steal the show with his rad jacket, though, he was also a witness to NBA history and the birth of Rajon Rondo’s tenure with the Dallas Mavericks.

Olberman seems to have tagged the wrong Mark Cuban, by the way. The Mavericks owner actually goes by @MCuban, but that’s a simple mistake and hardly the main takeaway. The main takeaway is that the guys from The Newsroom (and I guess an ambassador who has a soft spot for the Celtics) may have known that Jameer Nelson, Brendan Wright, and Jae Crowder (and two draft picks) were heading to Boston before those players actually knew. This world is weird.

(Source: Twitter)