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Even though Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick revolutionized the sports news show format in the early 1990s, they’ve done little else since then, except act like they could apply their alleged Midas touch elsewhere in the world. Patrick took the most boring show on ESPN radio and tried to syndicate it, with predictably unimpressive results. And then there’s Olbermann, who was so damn worried about getting shot in Denver that he threatened to quit without additional security.

From the New York Post, via Ben Maller:

Olbermann – upset to be anchoring at the Democratic National Convention from an outdoor set near Denver’s train station – “announced that his bosses [had] better find a more secure location for him to broadcast from at the Republican National Convention [in St. Paul, Minn.] or he’s not going,” one insider said. “He thinks someone will assassinate him.” MSNBC had no comment.

…Even before he left New York, the biggest mouth at MSNBC was worried about his safety. When a car was late to take him to the airport, Olbermann threatened via e-mail to stay home, another insider told Page Six. The blowhard whined to producers, “I could have been attacked on the street.”

…Connie Chung, a former news star of both MSNBC and CBS, told The Wall Street Journal yesterday, “They have to just grow up.”

Whoa there, Connie Chung. We didn’t schedule a guest lecture for today. And you should know, homegirl, not that you’ve been remotely relevant since 1994. Hey, Connie, here comes your husband with a legal-sized manila envelope. Uh oh, this can’t be good.

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