Keith Olbermann Remembers Glenn Burke, The Actual 1st Openly Gay Athlete in Major Sports

I get why you might not like Keith Olbermann. I don’t like him most times, either.

So when he’s getting all I SAY GOOD DAY, SIR about 9/11 tributes in sports, uses bull-bleep instead of actual curse words to describe Alex Rodriguez or starts nit-picking people during the Olympics, sure, roll your eyes at the dude.

Occasionally, though, he hits a sweet spot. On last night’s Olbermann, Keith talked Glenn Burke, the LA Dodger who was the first openly gay athlete in major sports over 30 years before Jason Collins. It’s personal, rational, devoid of any GOOD SIR-ness that makes Olbermann occasionally unbearable and ends with a shocking twist.

It’s good stuff. Check it out, good sir.