Kelly Brook Has A New Calendar And It’s Totally Sports Related

A while back, we pointed out that Reebok was under investigation by the FTC for improperly marketing their fitness shoes with the implication that they would help women get in shape. In fact, Reebok ended up paying out approximately $25 million to pissed off people who purchased the RunTone and EasyTone shoes. Stuck in the middle of that mess was innocent, angelic Kelly Brook, who models the shoes in question. And with that introduction, I do believe that I have covered all my bases to somehow tie the main point to athletics.
Kelly has a new calendar out and it makes me wish that there every day was its own month. But more importantly, I admire Miss Brook’s affront to the stereotypes that we should wear warm clothes in the fall and winter months. Underwear for all, I say.

(Via Celebslam)