Matthew Stafford’s Wife Tried To Sell Tickets On StubHub, And Lions Fans Flipped Out

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12.21.15 10 Comments
Lions fans and Kelly Stafford


Despite being the quarterback of a franchise and team with one playoff victory in 50 years, Matthew Stafford is well liked in the city of Detroit. Unlike past Lions star Ndamukong Suh, Stafford is often in the news for all the right reasons. He gives time and money to charity, he visits sick kids in the hospital and so on and so forth. Just last month, he donated $1 million for a football facility at a rec center in Detroit. So yes, all in all, Stafford is a likable guy off the field and has represented the city quite well.

His wife, on the other hand? That’s a whole other story. Every few months, Kelly Stafford (formerly Kelly Hall) finds herself in the news after popping off on social media. A few years back, she called out Lions fans for booing the team during a home game. That didn’t end well for her.

Kelly Hall


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