A Red Sox Pitcher Left Tickets To A Playoff Game For Ken Bone And His Red Sweater

10.10.16 2 years ago

Getty Image

As with every significant moment of this Presidential race, the second debate on Sunday night was a chilling reminder of the dark turn that the American political arena has taken. Whether or not you support Trump or Hillary, you have no doubt become disillusioned with the state of affairs that has gotten us to this point. But from the inky morass of that debate, a hero arose. A hero in a resplendent red sweater, with a hero’s name: Ken Bone.

Ken Bone’s extremely cool and good red sweater may have captured our attention, but he truly captured our hearts when he revealed that it was only “Plan B,” with his first choice of outfit, an olive-colored suit, having split the morning of the event. Truly, Ken Bone is everyman, and among his fans is Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly.

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