Ken Jennings Had A Trivia Death Match With A Luchador From Seattle

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06.13.13 4 Comments

Ken Jennings lucha libre

Me and Ken Jennings are blood rivals. I called him Quiz Kid Donnie Smith once on Twitter a long time ago and he responded by typing variations of “you’re not famous” all afternoon. Blood rivals.

So it is with great interest as both a wrestling fan and a Not Famous Guy that I share with you these behind the scenes shots of Jennings having a “Trivia Death Match” to promote his app. Guess what it’s called! Ken’s opponent is none other than El Fénix Mundial, the most famous luchador in all of … uh, the Seattle metropolitan area. He’s a legit luchador, don’t get me wrong. You can tell by the fact that he once wrestled fat lucha libre Wolverine.

Ken has lots of love to give, he just doesn’t know where to put it, as seen in this excerpt from

A lot of people see these pics and are like “Which one are you, Ken?” Fénix and are both in pretty awesome shape but I’m the one in the cooler outfit. Anyway, the masked marvel could not have been a nicer guy. ¡Gracias por todo, Fénix!

Here are a few more pics from the match (also from, via Facebook), spotlighting Ken’s love of pro graps fun and his slow descent into being Daniel Tosh’s nerdy dad.



New bucket list goals:

1. get a mark photo with El Fénix Mundial

2. headlock the shit out of Ken Jennings

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