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Ken Jennings will soon be featured on a Topps card, according to the Jeopardy! champion's blog.

I’m apparently going to be one of the “honored champions” in Topps’ 2007 line of Allen & Ginter cards. I wonder if there’s ever been a game show winner on a baseball card before, or I’m some kind of Jackie Robinson of nerds here.

Wait, help me out here.  Is Ken saying he was the first black man on Jeopardy!? (ahhhh so much punctuation)  Wait, no.  I understand now.  I didn't realize that baseball card industry had a nerd barrier.

I like where he's going here.  If Ken is Jackie Robinson, then Michael Larson is Babe Ruth, and that dude from Quiz Show is Shoeless Joe Jackson.  And Will Leitch on Win Ben Stein's Money was Carlos Beltran in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS facing the Adam Wainwright breaking ball of Jimmy Kimmel.

And that wasn't very nice and I'm sorry.  I feel especially bad about writing anything complimentary about Kimmel.  Adam Wainwright isn't nearly smarmy enough to warrant that comparison.

(Big ups to Monday Morning Punter of KSK for filling in for 289 in the imagery department) 

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