Kendall Wright Scored A Touchdown After This Incredible Diving Catch

Associate Editor

You won’t see many catches better than this during the 2016 NFL season. Marcus Mariota threw a deep ball to a wide open Kendall Wright during the second quarter of Tennessee’s game against Cleveland. He had to evade some pressure, but Mariota got set and uncorked a rocket down the field to Wright, who was free to waltz into the end zone as the nearest defender was a few yards behind him.

But Mariota’s pass had a little too much on it. It looked like the former Heisman Trophy winner was going to overthrow his receiver, but Wright ended up making one of the NFL’s best catches of the year. The only way that Wright could make this grab was by timing a jump perfectly and laying out, so he went full extension and secured the ball.

He didn’t quite make it into the end zone, so he got up and stumbled in as he was met by a pair of defenders. There was a review to make sure he made got up before contact, but Wright still managed to get his team six. But even if he didn’t score right after he caught the ball, this play was so good that he deserved a few points.

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