Kendry Morales Is Now Kendrys Morales

Fantasy baseball alert! Are you familiar with first baseman Kendry Morales of the Los Angeles Angels? Well, there’s something you should know about him now. His name is actually Kendrys Morales by birth, so factor that into your mock drafts this season. Suck it, Matthew Berry. I’m better than you!

On Wednesday the Angels’ communication office released the a statement to the media saying that the official spelling of the player’s name is Kendrys Morales.

According to the statement, Morales’ first name has been inaccurately spelled without the ‘S’ since he came to the United States. –FOXSports.

Enough about that. On to the video! Below is the thing that Morales is probably best remembered for: the grand-slam broken leg extravaganza. Skip to about the one-minute mark to see a combination of celebration and pain all in one event. That’s also the description I put for my flyers when I have my “confetti orgies.” If you’re interested, I’ll put you on the mailing list. Just let me know, dude.

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