A Kennesaw State Player Hated Flying For The First Time So Much He Passed Out

09.24.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

If you’ve never flown before, it can be really scary. There’s this metal vehicle floating through the air and it’s the only thing standing between you and a free fall of 30,000 feet. Plus if you hit turbulence, all of these feelings get amplified and taking off is kinda scary and oh god flying is horrifying, y’all.

A Kennesaw State football player learned this lesson the hard way on the team’s flight to Pittsburgh to play Duquesne. Keagan Jordan is a redshirt freshman for the Owls, and he’s apparently never been on a plane before. Apparently, Jordan learned that he’s terrified of flying, because the poor guy completely lost his mind while his plane was in the air.

The worst part comes at the end, where fear consumes Jordan to the point that he actually passes out. While we all feel for him, this is also really funny, and all of his teammates got a laugh at his expense. One Kennesaw State blog decided to turn Jordan’s misfortune into a meme.

This was apparently the first time that the Kennesaw State football team took a plane, so a few dudes were probably mortified about what happened, but no one was as scared as Jordan. If he’s looking for a positive, it’s that Kennesaw State managed to beat Duquesne, 36-28. Just don’t remind him that the team needs to fly home.

(Via SB Nation)

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