Kenny Britt Hauled A Pass In With One Hand And Secured The Ball With His Legs

10.16.16 2 years ago

Since Kenny Britt entered the NFL back in 2009, he’s struggled to bring his considerable talent to bear on the field consistently. Hampered by a combination of injuries, off-field problems and general poor lay, Britt has been a disappointment over the balance of his career. But damn, he can still pull off some breathtaking catches.

Going up the left sideline, Britt hauled in a Case Keenum pass with one hand, bobbled it as he hit the ground, trapped it between his legs, and still managed to finish off the catch. It’s a damn miracle he kept the ball off the ground as it bounced around, but this screencap tells you just how he managed to do it:

On the Rams’ next possession, Britt took a short pass right outside of the end zone and fought through no less than FIVE Lions defenders for a touchdown in an unholy burst of strength. For many receivers, we’d say this is something like a coming out party, but Britt has shown these flashes plenty of times before. If he can string together a couple more games like this, then he’ll have our interest again. After all, he’s still only 28.

P.S.: The NFL’s catch rules may have been debated into nonsense over the years, but at least they still permitted that.

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