Kentucky Gave Drake A National Championship Ring Because You Couldn’t Hate Them Enough

07.30.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Screw the ring, check out that oven. Baller.

As we hadn’t heard his name much since being one half of an incredibly douchetastic night club fight that nearly ended Tony Parker’s basketball career, I assumed that rapper/bad shaver Drake was laying low after the negative attention. But according to MTV’s RapFix, Drake’s been busier than ever, collaborating with a bunch of rappers that I’ve never heard of. On top of that, he’s also been hanging out with comedian Kevin Hart, as the two pitted their posses against each other in a giant paintball match this weekend.

However, the bigger Drake news is that he’s back on Instagram, according to people who type poorly in all caps, and on Saturday he posted the above image of his very own University of Kentucky championship ring. Drake, of course, graduated from played for attended dropped out of high school once performed at UK, so he’s practically the greatest Wildcat player of all-time.

Let’s forget all that, though, and focus on my new favorite thing – terribly racist and ignorant Instagram comments.

geeohhh_626: Fuhhkkkken quit already son! You reppen the wrong university lol its all about SC you dumb Jew!!!

All hail Instagram, YouTube’s lazier kid brother.

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