Kentucky Fans Are Really Something, Filled Entire Lower Bowl For Team’s Open Practice

Big Blue Nation is rolling deep heading into Kentucky’s opening round game against Hampton on Thursday. During the Wildcats’ open practice on Wednesday afternoon in Louisville’s YUM! Center, fans almost filled up the whole lower bowl of the arena, which is kind of insane when you consider this is to watch a team practice.

This isn’t unheard of; heck, fans paid $32 just to get into the building where they were conducting media day for the college football National Championship. So a free practice seems like a bargain. Fans just want to be involved and feel like they’re a part of the team or at least as close to that as they can, so kudos to Kentucky faithful for showing up and showing out.

Not that Kentucky will need the help – the Wildcats opened as 32-point favorites over the Pirates. Although there are a few teams out there who could give Kentucky a scare.

You can see a quick video of it all on the official Kentucky basketball Facebook page here.