Please Enjoy Kevin Harlan Calling Two Different NFL Games At The Same Time

Kevin Harlan is as good as it gets in the broadcast booth. Whether he’s calling an NBA game, an NFL game, or literally anything else, Harlan is one of the best play-by-play broadcasters in history, oftentimes finding ways to make his presence felt on a game and always doing it in a way that’s 100 percent enjoyable and unique to him. That skill is evident whenever Harlan gets way too into an ad read, or provides play-by-play for a cat running on the field during a football game.

The latest example of this came while he was calling the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. The Chiefs were in an interesting spot — if they won and the New England Patriots fell to the Miami Dolphins, Kansas City would get the 2-seed in the AFC and earn a first-round bye. That ended up happening due to a late Dolphins touchdown pass, and Harlan decided to make sure those who couldn’t watch due to the NFL’s broadcast map were filled in.

So much about this is perfect. Harlan managed to juggle both games and added a little flair to his touchdown call — I’m also a big fan of him acknowledging that he’s “breaking every FCC rule in the book,” because that’s hilarious. The gradual realization by Chiefs fans that they’re going to get the 2-seed barring something catastrophic is also tremendous, but the best part of this is Harlan going full Week 17 and opting to have fun over everything else.