A Drunk Kevin Hart Got Denied Trying To Get On The Eagles’ Stage After Their Super Bowl Win

Getty Image

The Philadelphia Eagles managed to do what only the Giants have been able to do before and took down the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

The 41-33 game was thrilling and featured a historic offensive performance from both teams, but ultimately it was Nick Foles who managed to outduel Tom Brady and the Pats for the win. After the game, the Eagles took to the stage on the field to receive the Lombardi Trophy and Foles was handed the Super Bowl MVP award. Not joining them was huge Eagles fan and Philly native Kevin Hart, but that wasn’t for a lack of trying.

Hart tried to charm his way onto the stage behind Zach Ertz and the Lombardi Trophy, but got shut down by a very large security guard, who told the comedian and movie star to keep it moving and enjoy himself on the field.

You can see Hart pleading his case with the security guard, who was having none of it, and eventually Hart was shuffled off into the sea of people swarming around the stage. For anyone questioning whether that is Hart, this Instagram post of him from before the game wearing that exact jacket should provide the necessary evidence.

Hart did manage to make his way over to the NFL Network set and got hold of a microphone, where he tried to offer some nice, drunken words about his beloved birds but accidentally dropped an f-bomb on live TV and was promptly pulled off the set by Deion Sanders.