A Rays Player Hit A Foul Ball That Bounced Off The Ground And Hit Him In The Balls

Oh god no. Kevin Kiermaier, an outfielder for the Tampa Bay Rays, probably should have worn a cup during the team’s game on Saturday against the Houston Astros. Nothing in this clip matters until the moment after Kiermaier’s bat and the baseball make contact.

Kiermaier hit a foul ball that bounced off of home plate, which isn’t terribly uncommon. However, Kiermaier hit the ball in an unusual way, and after the ball bounced off of home, it traveled towards his crotch like a heat-seeking missile. It’s terrible. Kiermaier, as you could guess, collapsed onto the ground and probably contemplated why he decided to swing at that pitch.

The most amazing thing is that even though this happened, Kiermaier managed to stay in the game. This is despite the fact that, and I cannot say this enough, he hit a baseball that ricocheted and hit him in the crotch.

Ideally Kiermaier doesn’t suffer the same fate that Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph suffered earlier this year when he went onto the disabled list with a “testicular injury.” Actually, ideally that doesn’t happen to anyone ever regardless of profession. Just wear a cup, athletes. Sure, they’re kind of annoying, but it’s nowhere near as annoying as getting hit in the nuts with a baseball.