Kevin Sumlin Accidentally Tweeted This Joke About Steve Sarkisian’s Rough Week

Steve Sarkisian has been having a rough week  that started back when he mixed medication with alcohol at a gala and drunkenly trash-talked some of USC’s rivals.

But just as Sark was looking to put that incident behind him and move on to the upcoming start of the season, Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin has brought it back.

It’s pretty clear here that Sumlin did not mean to tweet this joke about Sarkisian to the public. Unfortunately for him it looks like he confused the DM button with the normal tweet button, and his “Sark after Dark” comments have been brought to the public eye.

Sumlin had this to say in response, after deleting the tweet.

Okay, I confess that tweet probably has more to do with Texas A&M bringing in a new commit, running back Rakeem Boyd on Saturday and isn’t about the Sarkisian tweet, but it’s a lot funnier to picture that as Sumlin’s actual response.

“Sark after Dark” has all of the makings of a saying that could last. I propose that any time from here on out that a football coach does anything foolish involving alcohol they are known as pulling a “Sark after Dark.”  It’s perfect.

Unfortunately, Texas A&M and USC are not scheduled to meet in the regular season this year.

(Via: Brian M. Floyd on Twitter)