Key And Peele’s TeachingCenter Sketch Shows Why We’ll Miss Them So Much

Associate Editor
07.28.15 2 Comments

By now you know that Comedy Central’s critically-acclaimed sketch comedy show Key & Peele‘s fifth season will be its last. Sure, it’s unfortunate, but for now all we can do is sit back and watch two of the best comedic actors of the last few years do their thing.

In this sketch, Keegan-Michael Key plays Boyd Maxwell while Jordan Peele plays Perry Schmidt. The duo are anchors on TeachingCenter, a SportsCenter-style program that focuses on teachers instead of athletes. The two cover a teacher’s decision to move from Ohio to New York, the previous day’s high school teacher’s draft, a teacher whose class has remarkably impressive test scores, and the impending teacher’s strike. Yes, it’s just as silly and ridiculous as it sounds.

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