Nobody Knows Why The NFL Fined Carson Palmer, Including ‘Key & Peele’ Star Jordan Peele

Getty Image / Steve Dykes

Do you remember Carson Palmer’s celebratory hip thrust from last week’s intense 39-32 Cardinals win over Seattle? Of course you do. It left the nation scandalized and America’s children traumatized to the point of their hair being turned chalk white. Get the fainthearted and moral out of the room because here it is in .gif form.

The horror! That gesture earned the wrath of the National Football League earlier this week with an $11,576 fine coming to the Cards QB for moving his gentleman’s zone in an unsportsmanlike manner. It’s a divisive ruling that even has Key & Peele star Jordan Peele weighing in on Twitter.

He makes a sensible point. In the world of Key & Peele, it’s a grand total of three thrusts will get you on the wrong side of the refs and the league. If Palmer were being judged like (pretend) star wideout Hingle McCringleberry, he’d still have a thrust buffer before getting hit with some discipline.

In addition to calling out the silliness of the fine, Peele also linked to a GoFundMe page set up by Arizona Sports that wants to pay for Palmer’s fine via the noble art of the crowdfund.

Launched on Friday, this GoFundMe initiative has raised over $2000 in an effort to cover Palmer’s $11K+ fine. What happens if the “Carson Palmer Thrust Fund” is turned down by the USC alum? Well, that dough will then go to a local charity instead. Presumably, charities are allowed to do as many celebratory thrusts as they like without fear of being fined.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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