Key and Peele Donated To Von Miller’s Charity After The NFL Fined His NSFW Sack Moves

In 2013, Key and Peele featured a marvelous sketch called “McCringleberry’s Excessive Celebration.” As you can see in the above video, the Hingle McCringleberry character took careful aim with some well-timed pelvic thrusts to punctuate his football stylings. The beloved sketch remained a favorite amongst Key and Peele fans as the show rode into the sunset.

Fast forward to September 2015, and Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller got funky too. He one-upped his usual trashing antics with some NSFW moves of his own (sort of). Perhaps as a tribute, he effortlessly mimicked McCringleberry’s dance moves on the field.

The imitation may not have been intentional, but regardless, the NFL was not amused. They swiftly fined Miller $11,567 for his sack dance, which was a little too much for prime time. Poor Miller. The dude gets fined for everything — even for farting during meetings.

Alas, some well-deserved happiness has come Miller’s way. Jordan Peele announced on Twitter that he and Keegan-Michael Key would pay the fine in the form of a donation to Von’s Vision, which is Miller’s charity to help purchase glasses for disadvantaged children. Everything worked out, despite the presence of a third pump.

(Via Denver Post)