This Bizarre Hockey Shootout Attempt Is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

Are you ready for what’s about to happen? You’re probably not ready. You might think you’re ready, but chances are you need to sit down and take a deep breath before you watch the below video of a hockey trick shot that will blow your mind.

It comes from the Ak Bars Kazan team in Russia’s KHL league, and is incredible not only for its out of the box thinking but for the fact that it actually worked. There have been insane shootout attempts before, notably all of the times that various NHL’ers have endeavored to wow the crowd during an All-Star Weekend Skills Competition, but most players don’t actually end up executing the cool ideas they attempt. This might not measure up to that time Linus Omark straight up set his stick on fire at a KHL All-Star Game, but it’s still pretty awesome. Plus, this shot actually goes in.

Vladimir Tkachyov successfully picks up a puck with his stick (not that difficult as hockey players do it all the time) and then javelin’d it right into the net (pretty difficult!). So many things are miraculous but nothing more so than the fact that the puck seems to stay on the stick all the way into the net rather than spinning off of it and hurtling into the net itself – insert your own Russian athlete doping joke here.

To be fair, Tkachyov’s impressive shootout move happened at a fan night instead of during a legitimate game where the shot counts towards a final score, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to watch. What makes things even better is watching the goalie and only the goalie during your seventh or eighth watch. The poor guy obviously never saw the track-and-field-on-ice move coming and flails around trying to stop the stick flying at his head. Somebody needs to try that in the NHL during the upcoming season, if only to see Gary Bettman’s head explode from a combination of somebody trying an unorthodox shootout strategy and anybody having any sort of fun on his watch.

(via BroBible)