A KHL Team Is Using Naked Ladies (And Yakety Sax) To Sell Tickets

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.04.13 14 Comments


This video, shared recently by our friends at Guyism, teaches us three important lessons:

1. Naked ladies can be used to sell products.
2. Nobody in Russia has ever seen boobs before.
3. Russia doesn’t know what ‘Yakety Sax’ is for.

To provide a little context, KHL team and possible Jack Kirby character Metallurg Magnitogorsk put some women in sexy lingerie and had them man the ticket booth to improve sales. It worked, at least in terms of weird old guys leering through the ticket window and various Russian perverts taking pictures on their phones.

That covers number one and number two, but what about number three?

Yeah, Russia thinks the song born to accompany fast-paced haplessness is sexy music. Do they play Yakety Sax in the background of Russian Cinemax movies? I get that maybe if the people buying tickets were falling over and flailing around and going all crazy it’d be appropriate, but they’re mostly just wandering up (because they were gonna buy tickets anyway) and making amused faces. That’s not what that’s for. Although now that I’ve written this paragraph, I’m picturing a Russian dude furiously jacking it to the Benny Hill soundtrack and laughing pretty hard.

So well done, Metallurg Magnitogorsk. I’ll applaud you, assuming I ever find where you are in Skyrim.

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