09.03.08 10 years ago 7 Comments

Yesterday, UFC president Dana White dropped a bombshell of awesome: Randy Couture, the estranged heavyweight champion who retired over pay and scheduling quarrels, will return to fight behemoth man-freak Brock Lesnar in UFC 91.  Without delving into too much hyperbole, it’s going to be the greatest thing of all time ever.  Better than robots, and sex, and robot sex.  Combined!

White is moving UFC 91 from Portland, Ore. to Las Vegas because this is the sort of fight that has to happen in Sin City.  Preferably on a dais made of skeletons hovering over an open fire.  The date is November 15th.  If you’re doing anything else but watching two gigantic men punch and kick and elbow the shit out of each that night, there’s really no way we can be friends.

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