08.28.09 9 years ago

Here is Ryan Couture, son of MMA legend Randy Couture, who I still have a hard time not thinking of as “Randy Fashion.” It’s the name, I guess. Anywoo, we’re told that this it Ryan’s MMA debut in Vegas against Jimmy Spicuzza, which literally means “half Mexican, half hottub.” Hopefully, that seemed less slurry in italics. Anyway, skip to the 5:30 mark for the start of the fight, or pop it about a minute past that to see the armbar that leads to Spicuzza tapping out. Leave it to MMA to go from totally homoerotic to elbow-dislocatingly awesome in the blink of an eye. Usually I have to pay fifty bucks and get blindfolded for that kind of action. It’s the same as a pay-per-view, but instead of inviting friends over, you just cry yourself to sleep and think about pressing charges. via.

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