This Kid Had A LOT Of Fun Sitting Next To Rihanna At A Lakers Game

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11.23.13 10 Comments

I’m not saying the kid in the throwback Kareem Abdul-Jabbar jersey above is Jack Nicholson after a one-week bender of nothing but fetuses to regain his healthy, youthful glow, but I’m not saying it’s NOT him, either. He’s certainly got the moves of a young Jack, spending most of last night’s Lakers game hitting on Rihanna.

He’s going to have some good stories come Monday morning at school. “So yeah, and then I, like, totally got to second base with her. I’m not ready to call her my girlfriend, but I might ask her to the winter formal.”

hitting on rihanna

UPDATE: after doing a painstaking three seconds of research, that kid is Ari Emanuel’s son. Pulitzer, please.

(Via Getty Image, via @cjzero)

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